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Include files

The following sections describe include files containing macros that are considered to be standard extensions of the tcng language:
definitions of common TCP/IP header fields (the actual content of is in the files,, and, which are included by
provides macros for idiomatic constructs found in the context of TCP/IP
definitions of common values used in TCP/IP headers
defines IANA-assigned port numbers
macros for implementing traffic meters

Note that,,,, and are conceptually part of and should not be included individually.

For convenience, all include files listed above are automatically included by default. Section 5.1.1 describes how this can be disabled.

tcc include files are normally installed in the directory /usr/lib/tcng/include/, or, when using a local copy, they are in ./tcng/lib/tcng/include/.


Martin A. Brown 2003-11-06