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TCP/IP header fields

The file defines the fields used in the headers of some of the most common protocols in the TCP/IP protocol suite.2.3

Note that the same names are also used when constructing packets with tcsim, see section 6.5.1.

In the following sections, we describe header structures as follows:

\begin{tabular}{l\vert cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc\vert...
\multicolumn{33}{l}{{\tt foo\_data}} \\

foo_hdr marks the beginning of the header of the hypothetical protocol ``foo''. foo_field1 to foo_field3 are simply header fields. If ``foo'' contains an optional part, foo_options points to it. Finally, if there is data following the ``foo'' header, foo_data points there. If a ``foo'' header was typically followed by a header of a protocol called ``bar'', bar_hdr would be equivalent to foo_data.


Martin A. Brown 2003-11-06