1. Death of the Monolith: microservices

    Software was once delivered as monolithic, fear-inducing, complex forklift upgrades, with database schema migrations, application updates, library updates, configuration updates and plenty of downtime. Sometimes, there was a gut-wrenching irrevocable critical step in the process (often a schema update). Today, this is largely a relic and bad memory now, thanks, in part, to Virtualization and Containerization technologies, Network APIs and the move to microservices.


  2. Continuous Build with the Open Build Service

    Reproducible build has long been a known (and mostly solved) problem. Many automation steps can exist between authorship of a new feature or a bug fix and the delivery of that update to an infrastructure. Automation is important to allow shrinking this temporal gap between developer and infrastructure. Here, I highlight one approach to continuous delivery and the supporting components. I identify the Open Build Service (OBS), as one of the good solutions to the desire for continuous build.


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