Revision History
Revision 0.4.42003-04-26MAB
added index, began packet filtering chapter
Revision 0.4.32003-04-14MAB
ongoing editing, ARP/NAT fixes, routing content
Revision 0.4.22003-03-16MAB
ongoing editing; unreleased version
Revision 0.4.12003-02-19MAB
major routing revision; better use of callouts
Revision 0.4.02003-02-11MAB
major NAT revs; add inline scripts; outline FIB
Revision 0.3.92003-02-05MAB
fleshed out bonding; added bridging chapter
Revision 0.3.82003-02-03MAB
move to; use TLDP XSL stylesheets
Revision 0.3.72003-02-02MAB
major editing on ARP; minor editing on routing
Revision 0.3.62003-01-30MAB
switch to XSLT processing; minor revs; CVS
Revision 0.3.52003-01-08MAB
ARP flux complete; ARP filtering touched
Revision 0.3.42003-01-06MAB
ARP complete; bridging added; ip neigh complete
Revision 0.3.32003-01-05MAB
split into 3 parts; ARP chapter begun
Revision 0.3.22002-12-29MAB
links updated; minor editing
Revision 0.3.12002-11-26MAB
edited: intro, snat, nat; split advanced in two
Revision 0.3.02002-11-14MAB
chapters finally have good HTML names
Revision 0.2.92002-11-11MAB
routing chapter heavily edited
Revision 0.2.82002-11-07MAB
basic chapter heavily edited
Revision 0.2.72002-11-04MAB
routing chapter finished; links rearranged
Revision 0.2.62002-10-29MAB
routing chapter continued
Revision 0.2.52002-10-28MAB
routing chapter partly complete
Revision 0.2.42002-10-08MAB
advanced routing additions and overview
Revision 0.2.32002-09-30MAB
minor editing; worked on tools/netstat; advanced routing
Revision 0.2.22002-09-24MAB
formalized revisioning; finished basic networking; started netstat
Revision 0.2.12002-09-21MAB
added network map to incomplete rough draft
Revision 0.22002-09-20MAB
incomplete rough draft released on LARTC list
Revision 0.12002-08-04MAB
rough draft begun