4. Technical Note and Summary of Approach

There are many tools available under linux which are also available under other unix-like operating systems, but there are additional tools and specific tools which are available only to users of linux. This guide represents an effort to identify some of these tools. The most concrete example of the difference between linux only tools and generally available unix-like tools is the difference between the traditional ifconfig and route commands, available under most variants of unix, and the iproute2 command suite, written specificially for linux.

Because this guide concerns itself with the features, strengths, and peculiarities of IP networking with linux, the iproute2 command suite assumes a prominent role. The iproute2 tools expose the strength, flexibility and potential of the linux networking stack.

Many of the tools introduced and concepts introduced are also detailed in other HOWTOs and guides available at The Linux Documentation Project in addition to many other places on the Internet and in printed books.