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Configuration file format

The tc, insmod, and preload commands terminate at the end of the line. Lines can be continued by ending them with a backslash. All other commands terminate at the next command keyword.

C-style comments can be used anywhere in a tcsim configuration file. Outside of tcng configuration sections, comments can also be started with a semicolon (;). Such comments extend to the end of the line.


/* This is a comment */
dev eth0 1Mbps; this is also a comment
    prio; // comment: semicolons in tcng configuration
          // sections are NOT interpreted as comment
          // characters

The description file may contain cpp directives. Note that also cpp directives in tcng configuration sections are processed by tcsim. Therefore, the following example would not work as probably intended:

#define N 5

dev eth0 {
    #define N 10
    fifo (limit N p);

send 0 x N

Martin A. Brown 2003-11-06