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Flow labels and RSVP.

RSVP daemon supports IPv6 flow labels without any modifications to standard ISI RAPI. Sender must allocate flow label, fill corresponding sender template and submit it to local rsvp daemon. rsvpd will check the label and start to announce it in PATH messages. Rsvpd on sender node will renew the flow label, so that it will not be reused before path state expires and all the intermediate routers and receiver purge flow state.

rtap utility is modified to parse flow labels. F.e. if user allocated flow label 0xA1234, he may write:

RTAP> sender 3ffe:2400::1/FL0xA1234 <Tspec>

Receiver makes reservation with command:

RTAP> reserve ff 3ffe:2400::1/FL0xA1234 <Flowspec>